Get the flu shot before the flu gets you


The 2017 influenza season in Australia was one of the most severe seasons on record, with high influenza activity extending for more than three months, and with a record high peak in mid-August due to concurrent peaks in both influenza A and B.

With the Northern Hemisphere now suffering from what the so-called “Aussie flu”, businesses are being cautioned about being complacent as we head into the 2018 flu season.

Influenza is a leading cause of sick days and lost productivity in the workplace, especially during the peak winter period with employees taking an average of five days off.

“Research has shown that people vaccinated against the flu in the workplace take 43% less sick leave, compared to people that have not been vaccinated, as well as suffer from fewer secondary complications such as respiratory illnesses,” says to Joanne Purcell, Health Solutions Group Australia Registered Nurse.
Unfortunately, with ambivalence about immunisation increasing in many pockets of Australia, only 27% of Australians were vaccinated in 2017, according to a recent national study.

To make it as easy as possible for employees to get vaccinated, Purcell suggests arranging for a Mobile Workplace Immunisation team to visit your workplace ahead of the start of flu season.

“A flu vaccination program is one of the most effective and simple ways of protecting your workplace’s health and productivity,” she says. “Employees are an important asset to your company and keeping them healthy is good business practice.”

Plus, the more people that are vaccinated, the less likely it the virus will spread to customers and other staff members who are at high risk of becoming ill such as diabetics, asthmatics and pregnant women.
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