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Facility Testimonials 
As always the support offered to me was fantastic. I thank you all very much for that.
Virginia - RN
I think CQ do a great job. They are supportive, the staff are friendly and pleasant and always get back to you.
Phyllis - RPN
I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement as a Sole RAN at the Primary Health Centre Facility.It had its challenges and the job is not for the faint hearted. The support I received from the Operational Manager and his knowledge of the local community has been excellent. It has been a great experience working out here. Thanks for thinking of me when this job came up as I loved it!
Anta - RAN
I have enjoyed my placement on the whole. I have nothing but praise for CQ and their help.
Merryl - RN/RM
Thankyou for inviting me back to CQ and working so diligently to get my first contract off the ground. This has been a painless, efficient but effective exercise. Well done!
Helen - RN
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