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When I have needed to talk to CQ they have always been more than helpful.
Prue - RAN
Again well supported by CQ in all departments. Really enjoyed this 5 weeks. Well supported by CQ and any issues, even minor ones followed up promptly by agency. Thanks!
Mikaela - RN
I have and always will recommend CQ as the best agency to work for. The staff focus and communication is outstanding and the effort you guys put in for me is phenomenal, hence why I refuse to work for any other. This facility is trying but needs much improving. The nursing staff are wonderful though
Craig - EEN
Once again smooth sailing from CQ
Gayle - RN/RM
Thanks so much everyone at CQ Nurse. Fantastic support all through my contract. Really enjoyed this contract and working with CQ Nurse. This is my first contract with CQ Nurse and I hope there will be many more.
Julie - EEN
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