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The Recruitment Process  
As Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

CQ Nurse enjoys an excellent reputation for providing health facilities with only the best quality nursing staff.

This is because of our thorough recruitment and selection process.

We have wonderful recruitment consultants who can step you through the process, but there are some responsibilities that falls on you.

Firstly, it is important that we clearly understand your skills base and experience and we like to know that we also have a clear understanding of your expectations. With this in mind we require the following from you to proceed with your registration:

1. An Up-to-date CV outlining your experience

We will need you to supply us with an Up-to-date CV outlining your nursing experience & clinical skill areas. The can be emailed, faxed, posted or attached to your initial enquiry through our website.

  • a) For your convenience, we have a template CV which you can use to assist you if you do not already have one. It is important that your CV outlines tasks and responsibilities of each position held, as this assists us in 'selling your skills'. Current Standard CV
  • b) Need Help with your CV? See our attached fact sheet (CV Fact Sheet)

2. Details of TWO Clinical Referees

We will need you to supply us with contact details of TWO clinical referees who must be line managers or clinical staff members who are in a more senior position than you are and who work directly with you. It is also important that they are from the last two years in order that they can comment on your current clinical skill base. We will not contact them immediately, but we like them to be listed in your CV so that we can discuss these with you.

3. We'll Touch Base with You

We will then give you a call just to touch base and have a chat about what you'd like to do and where you'd like to go, to give us a clearer picture of what you-re looking for. This chat usually takes about 20 minutes and involves some formality questions that we need to ask everyone. (Nothing to be scared of though!).

We then proceed to collect two verbal references (once permission granted) and also request that you complete a Remote Self Skills Assessment form (which is not a test, but a way that we and facilities can get a better understanding of your specific skills).

And providing that all this checks out - you will become a CQ Nurse! From here, you:
  • Will have access to our website which includes our on line job board and CQ Nurse Webmail.
  • Will be required to complete Paperwork - as noted in FAQ Paperwork Requirements.
  • Will hear from more members of the Recruitment Team about job and contract specifics.
  • You will have access to our Educator / CNC and be required to complete online competencies that are annual and mandatory prior to commencement of first contract. You will also have access to all things Education - including Immunisation Course funding.
  • The Finance Team are also available to talk you through all things Finance including Salary Sacrificing options.
  • Nurse Placement Support (NPS). The Role of the NPS is UNIQUE and has been developed by CQ Nurse to support you whilst you are on placement, and assist during those more stressful moments that do crop up from time to time. If we need to assist in resolution of an issue, we are more than happy to talk to the facility on your behalf. The NPS role is also a port of call for issues and incidents that occur while you are on contract.
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