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We invite feedback from our Nurses after every placement. Here's few things they've said recently..

Comments on our Support Staff 
I would like to say thank you to all the CQ Team who have assisted me with becoming a CQ Nurse. To begin with the paperwork was overwhelming, but I managed to complete and return all required paperwork with plenty of assistance. I have been provided with so much information which has made the transition to a CQ Nurse so easy. The communication via phone and e-mail has basically left no stone unturned, which again makes going on placement so easy. Thank you to all of you
Erin - RAN
Yes as always, all staff at CQ are amazing. You are an awesome agency, so onto it and helpful. Always exceeds expectations. Love to you all xxxx
Wendy - RN
Thankyou for your patience and understanding. I received compassion, support and kindness with every contact. You are wonderful
Jody - RAN
Thanks for my first contract back with CQ after my break of a couple of years
Lorretta - RAN
Very pleased with the support while out working. Got several phone called to see how I was coping at work
Joanne - RN
Facility Testimonials 
A nice little place to work at. Delightful residents and caring staff
Virginia - RN
I have really enjoyed my contract here at the facility. The staff were friendly, helpful and inclusive
Margaret - RN/RM
Fantastic placement with the facility / CQ, thank you for organising my contract, I have had an absolute ball! would love to come back
Katie - RAN
The 2 CNCs at the clinic have been a fantastic support!! No question was too big or too small and they went out of their way to make me feel welcomed and supported. The health workers also welcomed me into their facility and were happy to assist in any way they could and to learn from me as well. They hosted a morning tea as my farewell after only 2 weeks with them! I felt right at home and I would love to return to this facility and work with this awesome team again!
Maddy - RAN
The facility is a very supportive environment to work, staff are a tight nit team that welcome any extra help you provide. Happy to come back again
Sue - RAN
Regional Nursing 
Had a great experience on my first CQ contract
Brigitte - RN
Awesome facility, beautiful people, fantastic experience
Joy - RN
Absolutely enjoyed the experience at the facility. Support and education were second to none. Will definitely return some time in the near future
Leesa - RN
CQ have always kept in contact with me. Which is very much appreciated
Traci - RN
Arrangments all excellent, travel and accommodation. The facility staff are very friendly and supportive. Most enjoyable contract.
Bevan - RN
Remote Nursing 
I call the town 5 star remote
Leesa - RN/RM/RAN
Very happy with CQ Nurse Agency and my contract at the facility
Ruth - EEN
You guys rock!
Laura - RAN
Great support especially when I needed to come home a few days early
Margaret - RN
This was a bonus contract after my recent experiences at a facility! Who can complain about tropical islands? Thanks for your support over the last month or so, it means a lot
Wendy - RAN
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