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We invite feedback from our Nurses after every placement. Here's few things they've said recently..

Comments on our Support Staff 
Fantastic and pleasant CQ nurse staff, made the pre-placement organisation easy and were always friendly and helpful. Very supprotive throughout and overall a successful first placement
Erin - RN
Always a pleasure working with CQ. Many thanks for your continued support.
Kath - RAN
Its been a pleasure working for you
Jennifer - RAN
Love you guy/gals!!
Lyndal - CNC
It is a pleasure to work with all staff at CQ. Every member is friendly, professional and extremely hard working to provide us with the best options, opportunities and placements
Sue - RAN
Facility Testimonials 
The staff provided from CQ Nurse Agency are of the highest quality and standard that we have ever worked with
Facility Staff - QLD
I always use CQ Nurses as they always have the required skills and are work ready. Their nurses always fit in with the team and CQ Nurse always gets back to me in a timely manner. They always return emails and their website is easy to navigate around and negotiate and contracts are easy to understand.
Janet - Facility Coordinator
As usual my staff report what a pleasure it is to work with competent experienced staff – your staff have had such a positive impact on our facility as it goes through its change management process and the skills and experience that your staff bring has been very positive for staff who have never worked anywhere else but in our facility. I cannot thank you enough
Anita - DON
My six weeks at the facility was great. Nil issues, nice facility to work in with lovely and supportive staff. Very well supported as always by CQ :)
Mikaela - RN
Thank you for CONSISENTLY sending excellent clinical staff to the facility…NEVER a baddie from CQN…Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!
Lynn - Clinic Manager
Regional Nursing 
Had a great experience on my first CQ contract
Brigitte - RN
Awesome facility, beautiful people, fantastic experience
Joy - RN
Absolutely enjoyed the experience at the facility. Support and education were second to none. Will definitely return some time in the near future
Leesa - RN
CQ have always kept in contact with me. Which is very much appreciated
Traci - RN
Arrangments all excellent, travel and accommodation. The facility staff are very friendly and supportive. Most enjoyable contract.
Bevan - RN
Remote Nursing 
Very happy with CQ Nurse Agency and my contract at the facility
Ruth - EEN
You guys rock!
Laura - RAN
Great support especially when I needed to come home a few days early
Margaret - RN
This was a bonus contract after my recent experiences at a facility! Who can complain about tropical islands? Thanks for your support over the last month or so, it means a lot
Wendy - RAN
Thank you for all your help. You made my first interstate nursing experience stressfree and enjoyable.
Genevieve - RAN
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