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We invite feedback from our Nurses after every placement. Here's few things they've said recently..

Comments on our Support Staff 
It was reassuring knowing that CQ Nurse was only a phone call away if I needed help. CQ Nurse think of all the little things that nurses worry about. How to get there, mobile phone coverage and safe accommodation.
Teresa - RN
I have always found CQ staff to be very helpful, polite and a pleasure to talk with. Thats why I am still with CQ. Thank you to the staff at CQ
Elizabeth - RAN
Always great to hear from CQ Nurse staff...They are so friendly and helpful.
Jane - RN
Great team, that go to the lengths above and beyond to help there staff! Thank you very much, it is much appreciated
Chris - RN
I felt totally supported by CQ Nurse, throughout the entire contract. Friendly staff, accommodating, good listeners, good senses of humour
Desley - RN
Facility Testimonials 
My six weeks at the facility was great. Nil issues, nice facility to work in with lovely and supportive staff. Very well supported as always by CQ :)
Mikaela - RN
Thank you for CONSISENTLY sending excellent clinical staff to the facility…NEVER a baddie from CQN…Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!
Lynn - Clinic Manager
Great communication from all at CQ, thankyou. While there have been some challenging moments I have worked through them all and overall have enjoyed my time at this facility.
Carol - RN
Thank you for supplying such a wonderful midwife/registered nurse/person to work in our facility.
Janet - Warwick Hospital
This was a wonderful job! If only they (all agencies) could submit the full package as one submission for each time!....well done! (regarding paperwork)
Mike - Staffing Service, Hunter New England Health, NSW
Regional Nursing 
Had a great experience overall, would love to come back here one day! CQ staff are lovely and friendly, always a pleasure to speak with
Alicia - RN
This was my first placement with CQ Nurse and I have found it a very easy transition. I found I was very well supported and felt comforted in the fact I could ring at any time. Thanks so much, you are a great bunch!!!
Alison - RN
I certainly have enjoyed this agency contract, my first and certainly not my last with CQ. I have ambitions to travel and can see my self doing further contracts, in regional areas and supported remote environments
Brett - RN
CQ pulled a rabbit out of a hat for me. I am grateful. I hope to work with CQ again in the future when I am available again
Stanley - RPN
Very much satisfied with how you are able to help me from start to finish, I am extremely grateful. Thank you for affording me one of the most challenging experiences. I have met good people that I am certain I will be friends with long term.
Jennifer - RN
Remote Nursing 
Excellent find. Good introduction to Remote Nursing. Thank you CQ!! This has been sensational. If only I dont have full time/permanent work, I will do this instead. Excellent support and communication.
Juni - RAN
I feel very fortunate to be a remote area nurse. The contracts I have done so far through CQ Nurse have helped me to gain confidence in Remote Area Nursing. I cant believe all the opportunities that come along on the jobs board! It is a very rich feeling to go places and to be paid for it as well! Keep up the good work and thank you so much for all of your support. You are a great team and you work together so well.
Vivian - RAN
Was really great to be sent so far for an experience thats so wonderful! I really enjoyed being part of the community and it was a very enjoyable time up there! I didnt even pull out the No Idea/New Idea mag NOR watch the 4 DVDs first episodes of Love Child! So thanks CQ Nurse! Made some great new buddies up there and have many happy memories!
Lisa - RAN
Will definitely contact you again in the future, when I am looking for agency work again. Its lovely to have a cheerful voice on the end of the phone. I really believe I was meant to be at this particular facility at this time, it has been really, really wonderful and I am going to miss the people here in the community. I get a bit tearful when I think about leaving. I also appreciate your patience. Thankyou very much.
Patricia - RAN
Once again CQ Nurse has enabled me to utilise my emergency skills and knowledge in a remote location while enjoying the island life. I have thoroughly enjoyed my contract, thank you CQ Nurse!
Lisa - RAN
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