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We invite feedback from our Nurses after every placement. Here's few things they've said recently..

Comments on our Support Staff 
CQ were once again very supportive and always there. THANKYOU!!!
Merryl - RN/RM
Sensational CQ team support team. I felt my best interests were supported 100% in its entirety. I am particularly grateful for the genuine interest shown toward my myself and my family. Thank you thank you thank you.
June - RN
Thank you!! Such a fun, relaxed yet professional team of staff. The phone calls prior to and during my contract were so great. I wouldnt choose another agency. Great work!!
Sarah - RPN
It was great to have the personal contact from staff via the phone not just SMS contact.
Jane - RN
As always the staff at CQ Nurse were helpful, efficient and a delight to deal with. What is said will happen.....always happens! Everytime I ring with a question or issue it is always dealt with in a timely manner. When you are working under challenging conditions with challenging orgaisations it is a relief to know that everyone at CQ has my best interests as a priority. I recommend CQ Nurse to every Nurse I can because over the past nearly 10 years you have been exemplary in looking after nurses on contracts.
Steve - RAN
Facility Testimonials 
My six weeks at the facility was great. Nil issues, nice facility to work in with lovely and supportive staff. Very well supported as always by CQ :)
Mikaela - RN
Thank you for CONSISENTLY sending excellent clinical staff to the facility…NEVER a baddie from CQN…Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!
Lynn - Clinic Manager
Great communication from all at CQ, thankyou. While there have been some challenging moments I have worked through them all and overall have enjoyed my time at this facility.
Carol - RN
Thank you for supplying such a wonderful midwife/registered nurse/person to work in our facility.
Janet - Warwick Hospital
This was a wonderful job! If only they (all agencies) could submit the full package as one submission for each time!....well done! (regarding paperwork)
Mike - Staffing Service, Hunter New England Health, NSW
Regional Nursing 
I would like to thank CQ for giving me this opportunity, as was my very first placement and all went really well, staff were good, accomodation was excellent and walking distance to facility.
Nicole - EEN
Joining CQ has opened the door to a new life for both myself and my husband. I have always admired nurses who did agency work and could not wait until I could do it myself. It is a pity that I had to wait until I was older as it would be so good to be young and doing it. Most people I have spoken too in regards too agency work all say they will do it but like the safety of full time work and the security of long service holidays and sick leave.
Elizabeth - EEN
Once again, the team at CQ Nurse have been THE BEST!!!!!!! I appreciate the amount of work it must take to ensure we are all happy in our placements and I cannot congratulate them enough for their efforts on our behalf. Thank you all. I do appreciate your assistance
Merryl - RN/RM
Again well supported by CQ in all departments. Really enjoyed this 5 weeks. Well supported by CQ and any issues, even minor ones followed up promptly by agency. Thanks!
Mikaela - RN
Once again smooth sailing from CQ
Gayle - RN/RM
Remote Nursing 
I love the support and follow up from CQ nurse and have recommended the agency to other staff who are thinking of changing agencies or who want to travel. I find the staff very helpful, friendly and professional.This was my second placement with CQ and the first time I have used an agency to work interstate. I do love the whole concept and wished I had done it earlier in my working life. I do appreciate the chance to experience a variety of clinical settings in mental health and I am grateful for the opportunity. Its also a great way to meet new people, both in the community and at work and I have made several firm friends. Plus of course the scenery is stunning
Phyllis - RN
For the first contract with CQ, the staff were fantastic. I have worked with several agencies and CQ Nurse have been the best. I would like to thank CQ for their great support and professionalism. I am looking forward to many more contracts
Annette - RAN
The staff at CQ Nurse are always helpful, efficient and a delight to deal with. One day I will drop in unexpectedly with champagne, flowers and chocolates for them all!!!
Steve - RAN
When I have needed to talk to CQ they have always been more than helpful.
Prue - RAN
I think CQ do a great job. They are supportive, the staff are friendly and pleasant and always get back to you.
Phyllis - RPN
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