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Your Health & Safety

Your health and safety is of paramount importance at CQ Nurse and we take a pro-active approach to ensuring that this is always the case.

What we do and how we do this:
  • In addition to being contactable 24/7 by our actively employed nurses, there are a number of other steps taken to ensure your safety.
  • We employ a Workplace Health and Safety Officer and a Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator to monitor your safety, and to offer advice and assistance if required, if you were injured at work.
  • It is a requirement of each facility that they provide you with an orientation prior to commencing work there; we ensure that this occurs to your satisfaction.
  • We employ a Nurse Placement Coordinator who contacts you within 48 hours of you starting your new contract and who will follow up with you fortnightly thereafter to ensure that you are happy and that you don't have any issues with the contract arrangement; the purpose of this is to ensure that you feel that you are in a safe working and living environment.
  • We have Workplace Health & Safety Policies and Procedures in place which are regularly reviewed and updated. We also incorporate safety requirements into each and every contract.
  • We regularly update the CV that we have on record for you with any work experience and professional development that you have undertaken, so that we are confident in placing you in contracts that you are adequately qualified for. We ensure that you have the skills, knowledge, competency, experience and training to be comfortable and get the most out of your placement.
  • We also provide you with mandatory training, at no cost to you, in areas including, but not limited to, workplace health & safety, fire & evacuation, manual handling and occupational violence management. These courses are also reviewed annually to ensure that their content is up to date and appropriate.
  • We have an incident reporting process in place, whereby all incidents are formally documented. These are reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure that there no recurring areas for concern.
  • We ask that you complete and return feedback forms to us at the end of your placement. We monitor these and would take the appropriate action should any issues be raised regarding a workplace or our own processes.
  • We also request information of your immunisation status and will provide you with recommendations of immunisations that you may need prior to going on placement to particular areas*. We provide a report to the facility of your immunisation status, also, to demonstrate your proactivity in contributing to a safe work environment.

By practising all of these procedures we maintain our accreditation by 'Q-comp' as a registered Rehabilitation Workplace.

* As per The Australian Immunisation Handbook - 9th Edition. Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing.

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