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Placement Vs Agency Pay Rates  
Flexible Choice for You

You are able to be employed in 2 different ways when you are working through our agency - these are discussed below. However it's worth remembering that in the current economic climate some facilities are not in the position to offer agency rates for a contract and can sometimes only offer the placement option. While this might not seem as appealing first hand, it's definitely worth remembering the other benefits available on placement!

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If you are interested in receiving a copy of our current agency rates, are interested in becoming a CQ Nurse, or have any other questions or queries, please contact us by leaving your details below, or the office can be called on 61 7 4998 5550 and the Enquiry Manager can assist you with your enquiry.

AGENCY rates

AGENCY rates generally mean - we pay you. You get paid weekly and we take responsibility for tax, super, indemnity insurance, Workcover and all things money.  You fax in your timesheet by Monday, and you get paid on Wednesday (or Thursday depending on your own bank). If you have problems with your pay, then you approach us directly and we rectify this if required.

If you also need uniforms or travel, this can be payroll deducted immediately. Agency rates tend to be higher per hour to factor in that  you don't receive sick leave, annual leave, long service leave, professional development leave, RDOs etc (you get the picture) - basically you are paid for whatever hours you work for - end of story.



  • Higher rate of pay up-front
  • Paid weekly
  • Salary Sacrificing is available for - Super

  • No sick leave / holiday pay / RDO entitlement
  • Super cannot be paid into a Government Super fund such as Q Super


PLACEMENT rates generally mean that you go onto the facilities pay roll, and they are responsible for all those extra bits. They generally pay a little bit less, but you accrue sick leave, annual leave, RDO's that can be paid out at the end of your contract (RDO's cannot be transferred to the next placement unlike annual / sick leave).

You can also continue to receive your super paid to Q Super (or other Government super fund - CQ Nurse cannot pay into a Government super fund, as we are a private company); continue salary sacrificing benefits that are not available outside of Government organizations. 

If you are going somewhere for a longer period of time, then sometimes placement works to your advantage - as you get paid for your sick leave or family leave.

Annual leave also adds up pretty fast and can often mean a few extra weeks paid at the end of your contract. AND when a bonus is offered - for every week of your PLACEMENT contract, you accrue a $100 / week bonus that gets paid out at the end of your contract.

If you are a midwife, then this is a $200 per week Bonus! If you go somewhere for 12 weeks - that is $1200 (pre tax) PLUS annual Leave being paid out PLUS RDOs that may be owed to you. That is a nice packet at the end of your contract! Placement bonus's differ between States, so give us a yell and we can explain the differences to you, and work out what works best for you.

If you go somewhere on a placement, you will need to have copies or originals of all your forms. We can help you with providing these, but we will send these to you only - we can't provide them to the facility  on your behalf.

After saying all this -
Some people suit agency rates and some people suit placement rates - it all depends on personal preference and what is on offer at the time. If you do go on a placement contract - it does not mean that we cut you off from our weekly support calls - you are still one of our nurses and we still call and catch up, and you have access to all the same opportunities - just paid in a different method.

So, next time we say 'they only offer placement rates' don't automatically switch off - hear us out and see what we can do for you. It may even work out more lucrative then you imagined. By being open to both options, it expands the possibilities out there for you, as some districts do have strict policies on e.g only paying QLD Health rates of pay. We would hate for you to miss out on a great opportunity to develop / utilize your skills or see a new part of the country because of this.

We understand that there are many varied & differing reasons nurses do agency nursing which may even change from one placement to the next, such as - for the money, for the travel experience, for career development, for family reasons. You just need to decide what is most important to you at that particular point in time & let us know.



  • Accrual of sick leave / holiday leave / RDO's / Long service leave entitlements
  • Super can be paid into existing government funds
  • Nurse may be offered a wider range of sacrificing options with salary sacrificing.
  • Compulsory saving with CQ Nurse bonus as lump sum payment at end of contract
  • Lower rate of pay up-front
  • Paid fortnightly
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