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What we need for your Employment Registration  

To get started with your registration process, we will need you to provide us with the information detailed below.

Nursing Registration / Enrolment

To work with us, there are just a few things that we need from you. To nurse in Australia you need to be registered with the National Registration body (AHPRA) - Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency.

We need to sight proof of registration before we can employ you, as do all employers it's a good idea to get your registration organised before you come to Australia, or move across states, as it can often take a number of weeks to get this approval.

Hours (or Statements) of Service

You need to demonstrate your level of service through a Service Record Book or a Statement of Service from previous employers, so we can establish your correct payrate increment. You are paid based on the state in which you work, the type of nurse that you are and the years of service you have achieved. Our pay rates are very competitive - contact CQ Nurse to find out more.

Presentation of degrees and certificates may be instrumental in achieving increased pay increments - so present all your skills, attributes and qualifications so we can negotiate better incentives for you.

Identification 100 Points

We need to identify you as being you! We accept current Driver's Licences and Passports. If you are an overseas visitor or intending immigrant we need to check your work permit details with the Immigration Office before you start work. Any name changes will need to be verified by sighting a deed poll or marriage certificate.

To save delay with your job placement contact CQ Nurse today to ask what you need to do. We provide you with an ID badge to wear on assignment - we need you to provide us with 2 recent passport photos to do this.

Tax File Number

CQ Nurse will pay tax instalments on your behalf. To do this we'll get you to complete a Tax File Number Declaration Form, which we are obliged to send off to the Taxation Dept within 14 days of you commencing work for us. If you do not have a Tax File Number you need to apply for one with the Australian Taxation Office. Visit the ATO's website for more information.

Bank Account Information

We deposit your wages directly into a nominated account each week. You need to provide us with the Bank name, location, BSB and Account Number, as well as the name of the account holder. We deposit only with Australian banks, so if you are from overseas you will need to organise an account in Australia. You will need 100 points ID verification to do this.

CQ Nurse - Branded Uniforms

We ask you to purchase a corporate blouse/polo shirt or two from CQ Nurse to wear on all assignments. You can accompany this shirt with navy dress shorts, long pants, cullottes or skirts, with only a very few institutions voicing a strict preference (don't worry we'll let you know in advance, so you're not caught out). You'll need to wear a pair of closed in shoes to comply with safety standards of all employing institutions. Uniforms can be purchased online here.


If you have had a previous work injury claim - we need to sight a Doctor's clearance to ensure you are fit enough for work again. In-home care will require you to have a police clearance which can be obtained through your local police station. It usually takes 3 - 4 weeks in Australia, but possibly longer if you are applying from some overseas countries, or you have lived in an overseas country for a period of time.

First Aid Certificate

For in-home workers, a current first aid certificate is essential.

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