Flu Vaccinations

Protect your business and maximise productivity with a CQ Nurse Mobile Workplace Immunisation Clinic

Research shows healthy working adults vaccinated against flu have nearly half the number of doctor’s visits and sick days compared to those who are unvaccinated. Having the flu vaccination can reduce flu related absenteeism by up to 43%. The flu is a highly infectious air-borne virus particularly in an office environment. It is transferred from person to person by respiratory droplets in the air that are produced by coughing and sneezing. It can also be spread by hand to mouth or hand to eye contact. Because it is a viral infection, the flu cannot be treated with antibiotics and the only available preventative measure is the seasonal flu vaccination.
CQ Nurse specialises in delivering a range of workplace healthcare services in both remote and metropolitan locations throughout Queensland. Our corporate health services can be tailored to your organisations needs, helping you achieve a healthier and more productive workforce. Our professional team of Registered Nurses will visit your workplace to provide vaccinations, health assessments and more to your staff.
CQ Nurse provides high quality, qualified Registered Nurses, to organisations during the flu season. Our experienced and qualified nurses will visit your premises at a time that best suits both your business and staff needs. They will administer flu vaccinations according to our stringent protocols governing clinical quality and excellence.

Protect your business

  • Benefits

    Healthy working adults vaccinated against flu have nearly half the number of doctor’s visits and sick days.

  • Productivity

    Each year in Australia flu causes an estimated 18,000 hospitalisations, 1,500,000 lost work days and 300,000 doctor visits.

  • The wider community

    By vaccinating your staff you not only protect yourself and your workers but you help to stop the spread of flu to families and the wider community.

  • Book a time that suits you

    Our professional immunisation team of registered nurses will visit your workplace at a time that suits your staff.

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