Remote Nursing Qualifications

Courses for Remote Nursing in Australia

If you’re excited by the opportunities and experiences available within Remote Nursing, there are certain qualifications and certificates that are highly regarded and beneficial to nurses looking to work in this area. We've collected a few key courses that will assist you in getting started!


Remote Emergency Care (REC) & Maternity Emergency Care (MEC)

These courses are designed to enable the health workforce to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to respond with confidence to emergency situations, to provide emergency care for pregnant women and their babies and to deliver safe, evidence-based quality care in the remote and isolated setting.

Both courses are offered by CRANAplus and are run in various locations throughout the year.

CRANA Remote Emergency Care (REC)
CRANA Maternity Emergency Care (MEC)


Offered by the Centre for Remote Health, this course provides knowledge and solutions to challenges that Remote Area Nurses (RANs) may face in the remote setting. This course is delivered both online and via a face-to-face workshop.

Centre for Remote Health - Pharmacotherapeutics for remote area nurses




Immunisation Endorsement

As it stands, there are no national immunisation courses. However, below are a couple of our recommendations:

Immunisation Education is an approved training program offered by SA Health. The qualification is recognised in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. This course is available online year-round and must be completed within 20 weeks from the date of purchase. SA Health Understanding Vaccines & the National Immunisation Program

Health QLD offer training through the Cunningham Centre. It is offered multiple times throughout the year and includes a practical assessment. It must be completed within 6 months from the date of enrolment. 
Immunisation Program - Registered Nurse Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996 course

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Various providers offer the Advanced Life Support (ALS) course, often in one-day or two half-day courses. It is best to research and find a course located nearest to you, as the practical assessment should be completed alongside the theory component to fulfil the full course and meet facility requirements. Advanced Life Support Australia are just one provider that offer courses throughout Australia


Practical Skills

Another great course that we recommend at CQ Nurse (but not mandatory) if you are wanting to head out and experience remote nursing, is CRANAplus’ Practical Skills course.

This course offers instruction in and the practice of key skills needed in the remote and isolated setting including Triaging, Suturing and Plaster Back Slabbing of upper and lower limbs.

Practical Skills Triage



For more information on qualifications and courses we recommend to get started with CQ Nurse and for Remote Nursing opportunities, please contact us today. 

We also have more information on what‘s required to work in regional, rural and remote Australia. 


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