Professional development for our nurses' is important to us.

Did you know we can assist with your education and help you upskill while on the road?

As part of our upskilling program, our nurses' can have access to opportunities to advance their skills and further their education  in areas relevant to their profession. This may be proactively requested by the nurse or deemed necessary by CQ Nurse management as required. 

CQ Nurse will offer assistance to qualifying nurses' who wish to formalise their professional development requirements, and/or assist in identifying skills deficits.

You may qualify for up to $1000 in education assistance across professional development, immunisations and midwifery courses.

Terms & Conditions

To be eligible for financial assistance towards a professional development course:
  • The nurse must be registered with CQ Nurse and have all mandatory* trainings up to date
  • Nurse must be actively working with CQ Nurse
  • The course must be accredited, recognised by professional bodies and provide a further endorsement on the qualification that the nurse already holds. If not, the nurse may request special consideration of a specific course. In these circumstances, this request will be referred to CQ Nurse Management for consideration
  • Only one application per calendar year, per nurse shall be considered, unless the first or second professional development activity is a State approved immunisation course
  • Availability of funding for any professional development will depend upon the number of applications received annually by CQ Nurse per calendar year
  • If approval is obtained, calculation of hours to ascertain level of reimbursement applicable shall be based upon the ordinary time hours that the nurse has worked for CQ Nurse as per the schedule above
To be eligible for financial assistance towards an immunisation and CTG course:
  • Immunisation & CTG Courses have been allocated a different criterion in line with a CQ Nurse commitment to expand our pool of midwives and immunisation providers, in order to enable the company to meet the increasing demand for these services to facilities and the wider community
  • This contribution shall only be made towards the cost of registration fees for the course. It is the responsibility of the nurse to make arrangements and pay for the travel to and from the course, accommodation and other incidentals. CQ Nurse will not be responsible for paying the nurses’ time in attending the course. This will be deemed a co-contribution of the nurse in achieving professional development opportunities

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